What is Sci-Faith?

Sci-Faith is a pun, which was obtained out of the abbreviation for science-fiction: Sci-Fi. Instead of Fi or Fiction the second part became replaced with Faith. This serves to show that the vision of Sci-Faith is to demonstrate that it is possible to combine faith and science without contradiction and that this is far from being science-fiction.

Sci-Faith states, that faith and science are compatible. Furthermore, its vision is to show, that science done on a foundation in faith delivers the best results.

Anyone who is convinced of this vision is welcome to participate and contribute according to his abilities. This can be contributing in doing research, technological developments or even contributions in the creative realm.

If you want to be a part of this vision you can contact me at any time.

Book: „Sci-Faith – The Compatibility of Faith and Science“

The thoughts and ideas behind this vision are extensively discussed in my book „Sci-Faith – The Compatibility of Faith and Science“, which at this point is only available in german.

Using vivid examples this book explains in three parts to the layman interested in science, how faith and science can be combined.

Through this book the reader achieves an understanding of how scientific theories work, what the connection between faith and science is and how it is possible to believe without denying the scientific facts. Furthermore, it is shown how science can be viewed from a faith perspective.

Therefore, this book is suited for anyone who is amenable towards faith and wants to know how faith and science fit together. Also it is interesting for those who are already believers and want to dive deeper into this topic.

Even though the book deals with many scientific themes, they mostly serve as illustrations. Therefore, it should be possible to read this book as somebody who is not a scientist. With the appropriate commitment the issues or at least their gist can be understood.