The Compatibility of Faith and Science

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Can faith and science really be unified? And is it even possible to bring the statements of the bible into agreement with the scientific findings?

In this book Josua Göcking shows how it is possible to believe without denying any scientific findings. Also he explains the connection between science and faith and shows that both are not that different from each other.

The author gives insights in how science can be viewed from the lense of a believer and presents his vision to do science on a foundation in faith. This is illustrated using lots of examples from physics. They are explained in a way that is also understandable for the layman.

About the author

Josua Göcking studied physics for five years at the university of Heidelberg. He specialised in the field of theoretical particle physics. Growing up in a christian home he came into contact with faith already at an early age.

Through this background he has deep insights into both worlds: the one of faith and the one of science. In his study he quicly realised that those realms are actually not that different and not incompatible as is often assumed. Therefore, he is passionate about doing science from a foundation in faith and view it from such an perspective.

Currently Josua Göcking is working as a software developer for a car supplier in the vicinity of Stuttgart.

Excerpt of the Foreword from Georg Karl

„[…] Therefore, this special book from Josua Göcking delights me, because here the author manages to on the one hand make the believing layman understand how science works and how this can be related to faith. On the other hand the author knows how to give the sceptic scientist something to think about, to see his scientific knowledge from an other, but also possible, viewpoint without questioning the scientific methods themselves. For this the author regurlarly uses brilliant, that is easy and aptly, illustrations and analogies, that are able to break open accustomed ways of thought, if one is willing to get into it. […]

Therefore, I can only recommend this book, filled with important impulses and inspirations, to anyone who wants to to face the claims of modern science, that is anyone who searches for truth about what is holding the world together at its core - the sceptic as well as the believer, the layman as well as the expert!“

Georg Karl
Pastor and author